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Nanotechnology LaboratoryUltrasonic Research - Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch

Technologies: Nanotechnology & Nanomulsion
Year of Establish: 2021 


The Nanotechnology laboratory (ultrasonic research) is equipped to provide spiritual support to the research research of the students of the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, and to lead extracurricular projects. In this laboratory, specialized ultrasonic research and experiments are performed by the latest ultrasonic devices with different frequencies.
Extensive applications of ultrasonic waves in various fields include improving the quality of food by creating and controlling the effect of cavitation, production of particles at the nanoscale, particle velocity determination, non-destructive testing, and so on. This laboratory can be used and researched in various specialized and interdisciplinary sciences, from manufacturing and production to quality control, in a specialized and reference manner. The use of ultrasonic oscillations is one of the methods used in various sciences today and its combination with other modern and traditional processes can have an important effect in optimizing these processes.

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Introducing Nano Technology Laboratory (Ultrasonic Research)

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Services available with this device

Description of service
How to present
Cost (Rials) / Sample
Ultrasonic probe device
By the laboratory
Ultrasonic homogenizer
By the laboratory
Description of service
Description of service
Rotary Evaporator
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Ultrasonic Prob
Ultrasonic Steam Bath
Ultrasonic Prob& Homogenizer set
Ultrasonic Prob& Homogenizer set
Ultrasonic generator
Optical Microscope
Spectro colorimeter Lovibond
Digital Oil Bath
Oven 50Lit
Centrifuge 4000rpm
Centrifuge 3500rpm
Micro Spiner
Automatic For machine20lit
Steam distillation unit
Blender high speed multi-function comminutor (100A, 250A, 1000A, 3000A)
Heater with Thermostat
Shaker orbital HLB602
Soxhlet extractor
Water bath(Bain Marie)
Colony Counter
Magnet Heater
Digital multimeter
Laser Helium (Low Power)
Vacuum Pomp
Digital Scales 0.0001
Nitrogen Tank

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9:00 AM
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9:00 AM
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9:00 AM
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Device specialists

First & Last name
Academic Rank
Dr.Sara Allahyaribeik
Assistance Professor
Dr. Hamed Ahari

Applied chemicals in the field of preparation of nanoemulsions in the laboratory

Laboratory certificates and licenses

ISO 9001 Accreditation Standard Certificate

Certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

ISO / IEC 17025 standard certificate

گواهی نامه سازمان جهانی ایمنی مواد غذایی دلوا

Certificate from the World Food Safety Organization

Ifia Certificate

IIS Grade A

Laboratory awards and honors

Selected Laboratory of Science and Research Unit of Islamic Azad University

The Nano Technology Laboratory (Ultrasonic Research) was selected as the unit's selected laboratory in 2023.

The chosen laboratory of Asra Omid Scholars event

Nano Technology Laboratory (Ultrasonic Research) was selected as the chosen laboratory of the 9th Scholars Festival of Islamic Azad University in Asr Omid event.

Recorded microscopic images

TEM and DLS confirmation tests

Laboratory Address

Nanotechnology Laboratory (ultrasonic research) No.22, first floor, Educational block 2, Science and research Branch, Shohada Hesarak blvd, Daneshgah Square, Sattari Highway, Tehran, I.R.Iran

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